BossCLAMP™ is a composite material cable protector for use in downhole, subsea and flow line applications. It is a single protector system that has been designed to accommodate any combination of tubing diameter, cable type and cable combinations, from conventional flat ESP power cables to intelligent well instrumentation cable arrangements.

Boss Clamp

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BossCLAMP™ protects an intelligent well instrumentation or control line package.



  • One protector for any tubing size
  • Protector available for different cable combinations
  • Low profile, all composite construction
  • Neutral in completion fluids or gases & will not suffer from galvanic corrosion
  • 100% recyclable

Typical applications:Boss clamp

  • Downhole safety valve control line (encapsulated & uncoated)
  • Chemical injection & capillary lines
  • Flat ESP power cables
  • Instrumentation cable
  • Flow line riser cable
  • Smart well cable
  • Fiber optic data cable



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