The Artificial Lift Company Advantage System™

Rigless ESP Solution

Imagine a Rigless ESP operation: the savings are real, also the benefits towards HSE. High rig costs or availability or move and operation challenges are no longer a concern to operators challenged by remote wells, offshore locations, or challenging wells with changing conditions.

Advantage components

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Advantage Brochure

Advantage System™ benefits
  • SQ and HSE: much simplified operation using slickline rather than a workover rig
  • Faster intervention: no need to schedule or wait for a rig
  • Eliminates rig cost and concern over availability
  • Fewer production interruptions: pro-active pump or motor changes as the well conditions change
  • Full bore access for intervention below the ESP without pulling the tubing once the ESP is retrieved
  • Eliminating the need to kill multiple wells when producing in series, reducing the risk of damaging the well and maintaining the Reservoir integrity (skin and PI): live well intervention using a lubricator
  • Reliability, drastically increased range of operation, reduced power costs: Permanent Magnet Motor (PMM) technology
  • No need to worry about having to invest in an expensive Variable Speed Drive (VSD) replacement or about connecting a new VSD to your existing SCADA system: our PMM is fully compatible with any VSD in the market 
  • Enabled by Artificial Lift Company's proprietary and patented game-changing ESP technology

    PM Motor Wet Connect

    PM Motor

    Patented PM motor has a simple yet effective design that offers significant advantages:
    • Drastically shorter for the same diameter and HP output
    • Compatible with all VSDs utilized in the market (unique among PM motors)
    • Higher power efficiency and lower operating costs
    • Higher reliability given a simpler design and fewer moving parts
    • More efficient across a wider HP operating range

    Wet Connect

    Once installed, Artificial Lift Company’s patented and proprietary wet connect allows the PM motor located inside the tubing to be reliably docked and undocked with the fixed electrical wiring run on the outside of the tubing string.
    • The wet connect is the crucial piece of technology that allows the motor to be disconnected, retrieved, replaced, and then reconnected all via slickline, without the need to pull the tubing and use a rig.
    • The connection is protected from wellbore debris or damage from intervention due to its side pocket design and can be mated and de-mated multiple times.

    Permanent Magnet Motor (PMM) cross-section and thermal model:

    Permanent Magnet Motor

    Combining our proprietary and patented PMM and wet-connect, Artificial Lift Company’s Advantage System™ is fully retrievable via slickline. The wet connect can endure multiple mates and de-mates, and is protected from wellbore debris or intervention equipment damage.

    • Well geometry:
      • 7in casing size (29lb/ft and lighter) and larger. Permanent Completion Maximum Outer Diameter: 6.050in. OD
      • 4.5in Production Tubing (12.6 lb/ft and lighter)
      • Maximum Dogleg Severity (DLS):
        • Running DLS: 7deg/100ft. Contact Engineering between 7 and 12 deg/100ft
        • Operating DLS: Contact Engineering
    • Ambient operating conditions 5,000PSI and 150degC (300degF)
    • Maximum deltaP across the pump: 4000PSI
    • Downhole 3-phase side pocket wet connector rated at 5kV, 125A
    • Designed to be run with a Sub Surface Safety Valve (SSSV) and packer where needed. Maximum motor assembly OD = 3.75in
    • System compatible with industry standard pumps, cables, gauges, Variable Speed Drives, slickline tools and accessories
    • Full bore access when ESP is retrieved – minimum tubing ID of 3.70”.
    • Live well intervention using a lubricator
    • Retrieval using Slickline - or Coiled tubing for highly deviated wells.
    Cross section of valve



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